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PEN is providing complete student visa and documentation services the students who want to go abroad for higher studies. The destination of higher education is changing day by day and most of the students select Universities and Colleges of developed countries for their higher education. Those countries where documentation and admission procedures are easier as well as probability of future job placement are higher; such countries are getting popular for higher education destination. Study abroad is not only the matter of reputation but also a matter of recognition to compete in this era of globalization. Competition is getting more challenging everyday to find a good job and to run a business organization as well. So in recent days, students prefer to study in such environment where they can experience latest technology in classrooms and their curriculum is up to date according to the change in the global situation and environment. The trend of international students is moving from one country to another for higher education and it is soaring day by day.

Similarly, world has become a global village in all terms including working sector and services. A person living in Kathmandu can consume products produced in Canada. A person running a business in Dubai can get customers in Melbourne. A film produced in Bollywood can be watched in New York. There are thousands of products and services that can be traded around the globe easily. Today’s market is far bigger than it was one decade ago. This global customer market became possible due to the phenomenal development in technology. These global changes in trade, service and scope of marketing bring the changes in movement of people from one place to another for the purpose of promotion, marketing, business expansion and product presentation. Along with the changes in scope of market and service, new area of services also developed like traveling, tours and holidays. PEN also deal with these services in preparation of travel arrangements, visa documentation and holiday planning for our client and travelers.


We work under the theme of collaboration, partnership, support and growth between and among the companies and entities having similar vision to deliver professional services to the clients and stakeholders.


We are committed to be the best service provider of its kind for higher studies and visa processing.


Our goal is to stand in the first row in service delivery of its kind.


We do everything PUTTING YOU FIRST.


PEN is registered under the private limited company in the office of company register Kathmandu, Nepal. It is accredited and certified by Ministry of education as the consultant service provider. Dozens of Universities, Colleges, Schools, VET Institute and Training centre are partnering with us to deliver all kinds of services needed for higher education and skill development.

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