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Work Permits

Information about working conditions and restrictions under different countries under different VISA STATUS may vary. You can see your visa conditions for this information as well. If you are eligible to work then you have to know in detail about your working rights and terms in the country you are living. Please visit the following links for more information about working rights and conditions


We can arrange your accommodation at the destination you are going. If you need further assistance in accommodation arrangements then our accommodation settlement officers will help you to find proper and affordable accommodation in the suitable locations. If you would like to seek our help in this regards then please fill and submit the ACCOMMODATION ARRANGEMENT FORM. You can find accommodation of your choice in the locations you are going to live in the following links


You may or may not be able to use public transportation in the destination of study and travel. If you need any assistance for airport pick-up upon your arrival in the destination then let us know about this. We will arrange for pick-up for you to the desired destination. Public transport facilities from the airport to the destination and major cities in the target destination may vary from country to country and cities to cities and travelling alone in the new location may create unexpected problems and stress. So we can help you for your safer check in at your destination without any hurdles. You can check the following links for the access to public transportation from the airport and around the destination.

Emergency Services

In case of EMERGENCY you can contact to our local representative at your destination if they are not available then alternatively you can contact to the consulate section or the local police for your help. You can find the link for these services below.

Health Insurance

The entire temporary visa holder must have health insurance to visit, live and work in abroad. Students health insurance has been included in the financial that you have paid during visa application and other visitors can check the respective embassy and consular section links for the requirement of health and travel insurance.

Pre-Departure Orientation

We will help you in preparation of your departure to the destination after getting visa. Our experts will explain you in detail about the entire journey. They will provide you essential guidance to make your journey stress free. They will explain you about climate culture, environment, facilities and other basic things you might not done, followed, experienced, or noticed at your home town. They will make you familiar with the tech and equipments you may face during your journey. They will explain you what you can carry and what not. They will also assist you in preparing your shopping lists and other essentials shopping guidance. Pre-departure orientation is very useful to everyone for cheerful journey.

Support And Guidance

PEN will provide all time basic and moral support to our clients even after getting visa and settlement in the destination. We would like to be in touch with you frequently even after you reached your destination and move ahead in your goal. We recommend you to stay connected with us for different kinds of support like accommodation arrangement, placement guidance, job reference, visa extension, and many more. We can help you in connection to credit transfer and bridging courses as well.

Affiliated Universities

Our Affiliated Universities And Educational Bodies